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"Oh for the love of Christ," Tommy said as he took in how many beds were full. "This is not a God damn hotel! You kids need to stop playing with the lighter fluid or whatever it is you do for fun."

Having given the benefit of his wisdom, Tommy sulked off to his desk.

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"What in the caramel chocolate Christ is it with these God damn tiny rabbits?" Tommy asked when he came in for his clinic duty. He tried to kick them but only got wee tiny hugs on his shoes in return. "If I find out which one of those God damn high school kids brought them in here I will pull their lower lips up over their face."

The wee tiny bunnies ignored him and continued hugging his shoes.

Tommy sighed and started his shift.

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FTEC, Thursday Evening

Thursday, March 9th, 2006 04:55 pm
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Trevor was pleased to see that the blood drive was still going strong as he set himself up for his shift. It really was a pleasant surprise to see how people were coming together to help.

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Trevor made his way into the clinic, stopping in the doorway for a moment as he tried to figure out where the pleasing scent was coming from. When he couldn't place it right away, he shook his head and came inside, getting himself set up for the evening.

FTEC, Evening

Wednesday, February 15th, 2006 06:49 pm
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Natalie arrived for her shift around 6 PM, clad in a dark brown suit, comfortable shoes, and a small duffel bag hanging from her shoulder. She scouted out an empty interior office, and claimed squatter's rights.

Switching on the lights, she moved over to the desk, shifting the duffel on top. The office itself was very empty, and even the rustle of fabric echoed in the small room. She shrugged. It was more "homey" than the coroner's office had ever been. She'd at least be able to hang personal effects, and those would absorb some of the sound.

She withdrew her labcoat from the duffel, as well as the antique stethoscope Nick had given her. Next came the laptop computer. There was a network around here, she was sure, and if she looked, maybe she might find instructions on connecting. She'd become something of an addict in the past ten years...that, and she knew from experience that it was called the graveyard shift for a reason. She might need the distraction.

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