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Ellie only had one of her children with her at the clinic today. Clara had opted to play video games with her uncle. Charlie insisted on being at the clinic in the hopes of seeing a strange medical anomaly or, in her own words, "a cool injury." She was likely going to be disappointed, and Ellie hoped it remained that way.

Surprisingly, Charlie was a good worker as she helped her mom with paperwork. She also hung out with the nurses for a little while. Somehow, Ellie didn't think she would be bored.
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Ellie was surprised when she heard the nurses discussing the Super Bowl. It wasn't that they were discussing it that was the surprise. It's that they were talking about which teams they were betting on. She was clearly amused by this. It was also the first time she had any interest at all in this year's game.
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Ellie brought her laptop to the clinic. She told the nurses it was so she could work on a physiology assignment. In actuality, she was playing games online and listening to music. She wasn't in the mood to hear any of te gossip from the nurses. She would put all of that aside if there were any patients.
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Ellie brought an entertainment magazine instead of a medical journal this week. Already she regretted that decision. The medical journals were much more entertaining than boring celebrity gossip.

The clinic was open.
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Ellie was once again reading some journal articles about weird medical anomalies during her clinic shift. If skimming was considered reading. Mostly, she was thinking about a few things. She was wondering how Chuck's date with Ariel went, but she really didn't want to seem like a meddling, over protective sibling for once. That probably wouldn't last.

The clinic was open.
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Ellie was at the clinic like usual on Sundays. She expected a slow day, and so she brought a few medical journals with her to pass the time.

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It was the day after Christmas, and Ellie was still in a giving mood. That would be why, once again, she brought coffee and pastries in for the nurses who were scheduled. Perfect on a cold day, in her opinion.
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Ellie was slightly annoyed that she had to dodge applesauce and sour cream on her way to the clinic. Though she was delighted there were latkes waiting for her when she eventually did arrive. That was nice. It was also nice that the nurses were discussing their holiday plans instead of gossiping, at least for a little while.
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Since the chance of being trapped by a labyrinth was non-existent today, Ellie was at the clinic on time. She even picked up some muffins and coffee for the nurses on the way. She figured they deserved it, especially those stuck here during the week. They definitely seemed appreciative.
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If there was anything different about the island today, Ellie didn't notice as she made her way to the clinic. The nurses were even gossiping as usual. One of them brought her mp3 player so holiday music could be heard. Ellie didn't mind as she settled behind the desk with a caffeinated beverage. It was just an ordinary Sunday as far as she knew.
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Ellie spent the last few days relaxing, but that had to end sometime. She did still have a clinic shift, after all. At least she brought leftovers for her lunch break. She kept her eye on the nurses since they were the only other employees around. She didn't want anyone else to steal her turkey sandwich. Thanksgiving leftovers were serious business.
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Ellie arrived at the clinic with her biology book. There was studying to be done. She also brought caffeine. That was needed if she was going to be alert enough to study. There was also the possibility she would have to deal with a medical emergency.
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Ellie tried her best to avoid the coffee maker when she arrived at the clinic. She was still feeling energetic and restless. Caffeine had not made that any easier. She really hoped this was the last day of whatever this was. There was only so much caffeine avoidance she could deal with. She didn't mind drowning out the nurses gossiping with her mp3 player, though. She wasn't sure what she might overhear. It was better not to find out.
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When Ellie arrived at the clinic, her first stop was the coffee maker. It wasn't as good as the coffee at The Perk, but it would do. She then settled behind the desk with the latest issue of the medical journal she frequently liked to read. It was either that or computer games. Reading about medical anomalies was much more riveting.
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A few decorations were set up in the lobby. The nurses were having a lively discussion about costumes. Ellie placed a bowl of candy on the counter. The clinic was definitely ready for Halloween.
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Ellie was a little tired when she arrived at the clinic this morning. Being at a school dance the night before would do that, especially when spiked punch was available. That meant caffeine was needed today. At least now she'd be alert if there were any medical emergencies.
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Ellie was at the clinic like she usually was on Sundays. It wasn't as though she had visiting family members to spend time with. So she was there if any medical emergencies occurred. Or if anyone wanted to hide from their family members for a few hours.
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When Ellie arrived at the clinic in the morning, she heard the nurses gossiping about a patient who was passed out drunk in one of the exam rooms. Naturally, she had to go see who it was. Imagine her lack of surprise upon discovering it was Gunther. She smirked to herself, already thinking of how she was going to use this as blackmail material.

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Ellie was at the clinic like usual on Sundays. It was quiet enough, so she spent some time looking for cake recipes. She told Chuck she'd make a birthday cake and she was determined to keep that promise. She'd put that aside obviously if there were actual medical emergencies.
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Ellie still wasn't completely caught up on Rumor Gal, so she finished watching the last two episodes at the clinic when she had free time. Then she entertained herself by listening to real gossip from the nurses. If one could call that entertainment. She was bored, okay?
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Ellie brought her biology text with her to the clinic, hoping to get some assigned reading done. When a disembodied hand showed up, it seemed to indicate a need to turn the pages when she was finished reading them. It was nice that this one wanted to help, even if it was just something as simple as this task.
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It was a new semester. Which meant one thing. Ellie was going to use that as an excuse to reorganize the front desk. Once she was done with that, she read the latest issue of an online medical journal.
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Ellie was at the clinic for her regular shift. There were days she was interested in the gossip from the nurses. Then there were days like today when she tuned them out.

The clinic was open.
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Since there weren't any scary creatures from other dimensions roaming around or people returning from other dimensions with injuries this week, Ellie was expecting a quiet shift this afternoon. So she brought a book with her. She would, of course, put it aside if anyone really did need medical attention.

FTEC, Sunday [8/8]

Sunday, August 8th, 2010 02:14 am
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Ellie had been at the clinic since yesterday. The entire time, really. She was there mostly in case extra medical staff was needed, considering the latest craziness. It had been a petty restless few days, too. She had been too anxious with worry about everyone who was missing, especially her brother.

The clinic, at least, kept her somewhat distracted.

FTEC, Sunday [8/1]

Sunday, August 1st, 2010 08:02 am
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Ellie stopped for something caffeinated on her way to the clinic. That was enough to keep her alert, at least. That was important in case there was a real emergency. Having no coffee left did not count as one, much as she liked to think it did. After all, the kind from the Perk was far superior to the kind from the clinic coffee maker.


FTEC, Sunday [7/25]

Sunday, July 25th, 2010 08:46 am
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Ellie wondered if her shift would be as exciting as last week, though she would prefer things to be much less dire for her classmates. Expecting a quiet day, she settled behind the front desk for more riveting computer games. She could swear the computer totally cheated at Hearts.

FTEC, Sunday [7/18]

Sunday, July 18th, 2010 12:44 am
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Just like the last time she moved into the cabins, Ellie woke early so she could take care of that before heading to the clinic. She probably could have done that after her shift since listening to nurses gossip wasn't that exhausting. She was pretty much expecting another quiet day.

FTEC, Sunday [7/11]

Sunday, July 11th, 2010 01:58 pm
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Ellie was having a little trouble waking up today, so there was a stop at The Perk for caffeine before she headed to the clinic. Once there, she was alert enough to listen to the nurses gossiping. Oh, and in case anyone needed medical attention.

FTEC, Sunday [7/4]

Sunday, July 4th, 2010 03:16 pm
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Ellie was spending the holiday at the clinic. She decided to make cupcakes the night before for the occasion, which the nurses seemed to appreciate. She wondered if there would be any patients today since it was the Fourth of July. At least thee were some cupcakes left over if there were.

FTEC, Sunday [6/27]

Sunday, June 27th, 2010 03:26 pm
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It was Sunday. That meant Ellie had clinic duty. So she was there if anyone needed medical attention. Otherwise, she was listening to the usual nurses' gossip.

FTEC, Sunday [6/20]

Sunday, June 20th, 2010 02:22 pm
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Ellie rearranged the front desk at least three times. She also cleaned the computer screen and keyboard at least that many times as well. This was all an attempt to not think about what day it is: the first Father's Day since her dad took off. Cleaning is what she did to deal with stress. Maybe there would even be someone in need of medical attention to distract her. She'd actually welcome the extra paper work that would be involved.

FTEC, Sunday [6/13]

Sunday, June 13th, 2010 10:44 am
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Ellie occupied her time at the clinic today with a medical journal, online games, and listening to the latest gossip the nurses were discussing. After awhile, though, she was a bit bored. At least that meant it was a quiet clinic today. Unless, of course, anyone with a medical emergency wandered in.

FTEC, Sunday [6/2]

Sunday, June 6th, 2010 09:02 am
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Ellie wondered if there would be any patients today. Maybe someone would need a splinter removed or something. It's not like there was a lot of paperwork to be done, after all. At least listening to the nurses gossip was almost as entertaining as watching Rumor Gal. Though with much less drama.

FTEC, Sunday [5/30]

Sunday, May 30th, 2010 02:06 pm
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Ellie was sitting behind the desk at the clinic despite the advice she was given on the radio last night. Expecting another slow day, she spent a lot of the time arranging files and reading medical journals. She would definitely put those aside if anyone needed medical attention.

FTEC, Sunday [5/23]

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 02:46 pm
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Ellie had moved into her cabin early in the morning so she could be at the clinic on time. She figured it would be a quiet day since it was moving day for everyone else, too. Unless someone gets injured somehow. Either way, she'd be there waiting for any potential patients until her shift was over.

FTEC, Sunday [5/16]

Sunday, May 16th, 2010 01:38 pm
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So this was Ellie's first day at the clinic. She was excited because it was nice to be getting some medical experience before starting college. She was also a bit nervous. Mostly because she was afraid of doing something wrong on her first day, something that the nurses would yell at her about. For now, she was just going to organize the front desk.

FTEC, Wednesday [05/12]

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 11:22 am
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It was chilly enough in Fandom that Martha had already given in and brought her sweaters back out of hiding, but when she got to the clinic and found that the air conditioning was broken and wouldn't turn off, she was wondering if she should go back to her apartment and get her coat instead.

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