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Mina settled into the clinic, with her recent purchase of a 'cellular phone'. The concept intrigued her, though she started to second guess her purchase when she received a rude message. She returned the call, but unfortunately it went to three innocent people.

It was not a good day for her to try new technology, apparently.

But, her mood was not spoiled for any who needed medical assistance.

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Doogie had a large cup of hot chocolate to combat the cold morning, and was flipping through the TV channels to see if he could find anything besides infomercials.
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It had been a long night at the clinic.

Rather than bother trying to go home, Wilson had stayed on through the night, helping the nurse wake Lana hourly and also keeping Phoebe and Anders as comfortable as possible.

Jim and Bel had been discreetly watched over as well.

Aziraphale, bless him, had come down with a late night/early morning snack of grilled cheese sandwiches and later with omlettes and coffee but other than a quick break to grab a shower, Wilson had stayed put.

Morning found him napping relaxing in the front desk chair.

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