FTEC, Sunday Evening

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007 07:52 pm
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A rainy evening meant Stark was perfectly content to sit inside the clinic. Not that he wasn't normally content to be there, provided there wasn't an abundance of injuries. The rain just meant it was nicer to be inside than out.

[I may disappear for short periods of time, but I am around for the night.]
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Doogie was happy to find the clinic fairly quiet again, and settled in for an evening of alternating between catching up on the stack of medical journal articles he wanted to read, and checking in on Gwynn.

FTEC, Wednesday Night

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007 11:26 pm
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Natalie stopped by the desk, swapping her jacket for a lab coat, and then unloading her laptop. She checked Gwynn's chart, then made for exam one for a quick peek in on the patient. A few minutes later found her back at the front desk, researching yet more lab equipment. Sometimes it was good to have a wealthy philanthropist as a boyfriend significant other.
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This morning Wilson juggled a large cup of coffee and his brief case as he made his way back into the clinic. He had every intention of working on his paper but as he settled in and spoke quietly with the on duty nurse his plans changed.

Nodding in agreement they made sure that exam one wouldn't be disturbed and then Wilson changed into a scrub top and he and the nurse began to pull apart the other exam rooms.

It was a good day for a thorough top to bottom cleaning of the clinic.
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Wilson juggled his laptop case a bagged dinner and a large cup of coffee as he made his way into the clinic this evening.

After a brief run down on the status of the clinic, he settled in behind the front desk with his computer and a few journals. He had an article to finish up and get out to the publication. Hopefully this Tuesday night would be quieter than last week.

FTEC, Tuesday, May 29

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 08:04 am
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Christian was glad to find only one lingering patient from last week's masked maniac in the woods. And, okay, equally glad that it hadn't been the Carver. He did a check on Gwynn and settled behind the front desk for a relaxing morning surfing pr0n the web.
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Wilson was still chuckling with loving amusement as he headed into the clinic for the start of the morning shift. He'd left Aziraphale back at the house dithering over proper footware for the beach.

It complimented the dithering Aziraphale had been doing the night before over proper shirt, slacks, socks...

Not that Wilson didn't already have his own change of clothes laid out for when he got off shift...nupe, not at all.

Checking in with the nurse on any activity, the clinic did seem blessedly calmer than it had last week, Wilson settled in behind the front desk.
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Doogie was pleased to find only one patient left in the clinic, although he probably would have been happier if it wasn't the pretty girl who'd come in during his shift that was still hurt enough to stay.

FTEC, Saturday, May 26

Saturday, May 26th, 2007 11:03 am
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Christian made the morning rounds of the clinic patients, then took his place behind the front desk, hoping that more kids wouldn't be brought in today.
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Doogie had heard the ongoing radio reports of students getting hurt, so he was at least somewhat prepared to find people in the clinic. It was still difficult to see the exam rooms full of people though, and he just hoped that the empty rooms would stay that way.

[OCD is up!]
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After checking on the patients in the Clinardis, Christian settled at the front desk, hoping for a quiet day.
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Christian opened up the clinic in the morning and was surprised to find patients. What the hell were these kids getting into now? He checked on them and made sure they were resting comfortably, then settled in the lobby with a pr0n magazine.
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There were people in the clinic tonight, which was a change from recent weeks, though not really a pleasant one. After a quick check to make sure everything was all right with the patients, Stark settled in at the desk. The TV was on, out of habit, but very quietly.

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