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Tommy was at his desk, smoking a cigarette.

Once again there were no dead people in his clinic.

He considered this a bonus.
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Tommy came into the clinic for his shift and saw what remained of the chaos from the night before and did not know to thank Lana for doing what she could to help clean up.

"What in the name of caramel crunchy Christ went on here?" Tommy asked, of nobody in particular. "No, wait, don't care."

He went to his desk and hoped nobody was going to bug him today.

[ooc: OCD threads coming up. Amongst other things, this is the post to bring Angel home from FTEC. So if you're in on that, come here. If you want to have visited Angel before he was released, go here to the daytime thread]
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Tommy was up.

Well, 'up' was a very broad definition involving a great deal of coffee, J,GOB donuts, and Tommy being even grumpier than usual, but he was awake and that's what counted.
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Tommy came into the clinic for his evening shift. He checked what passed for the charting system and the various beds.

Exam One had a guest. Possibly two if Callisto was still with Angel

"Huh. Ricky Martin's back," he said. He noted the whole fever/injury/blah blah blah that Dr. Lambert and Troy had made note of. Not like Tommy knew from vampires so he assumed whatever the two of them had done was okay.

He also noted that, surprise surprise, the guy needed to drink blood. There was a comment about pig's blood running out in the fridge but Tommy ignored it. There was plenty of human blood around that was ready to go to waste from age. When the time came Tommy figured he could use that.

In the meanwhile he lit a cigarette and settled down to read the paper at his desk.

One of these days he really needed to get the TV fixed.

[ooc: Tommy's on slowplay until around 9pm Eastern. But Angel's coma-boy so anybody who wants to can come visit.]
[ooc: OCD threads a-coming up.]

Notes on Angel that visitors should read. )

Clinic [2/10]

Friday, February 10th, 2006 11:07 am
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Susan opened up the clinic, hoping Dr. Lambert or one of the other doctors would show, and got ready for her appointment with Cameron.

[open to all]
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Jonathan is in the clinic, ready to help with all your problems both great and small.
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Jonathan is in his usual room in the Clinic. With so many people having gone home to spend Thanksgiving with family and loved ones, a whole weekend full of their nearest and dearest... Jonathan expects to be very busy today.

The counselor is in. Tell him all about your awful holiday and the parents that made it so.
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Wilson wore an pensive expression as he moved around the Clinic opening it up for the day. He had quite a few things on his mind and was rolling them back and forth trying to come up on the right side of just how to approach the matters.

He'd checked on Jack, who seemed to maybe be feeling better today, Wilson was going to hope that this wasn't a lead on to another relapse and made a mental note to try to keep the young man quiet for at least another 24 hours.

The scent of coffee, the Jamacian Blue Mountain today, filled the small reception area and as he sat back down behind the desk, Wilson reviewed the To Do list. At least he'd managed to get some of the required rec forms submitted yesterday and could expect a shipment hopefully tomorrow. For the time being, he knew he should work on charts but his mind was a bit too distracted so instead he sat back behind the desk, feet up on the counter, cradling his coffee mug and staring off into space.

Doctor on Duty, come distract him from his ponderings...or weedle coffee out of him, either works.
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Wilson had coffee and he had a crossword puzzle today. It was Friday after all!

The beloved Jamacian Blue Mountain was perking in the pot behind him and he looked vaguely relaxed as he sat at the desk and worked on the puzzle. The Clinic was open.

Doctor on Duty, if you need to come bleed or otherwise steal coffee from him.

[ooc: Okay, new procedure. I'm going to get on the bandwagon and set up comment threads. This is because House!Mun has spoken with Spider and FandomRadio and it's been agreed that anything discussed in the Waiting Room or Lab is free game to broadcast and Bristow and Spider's scrutiney but anything shared in a closed Exam Room is private doctor/patient confidential, NFB or review by Admins -I believe I read that right Spider, let me know if I didn't- so it will be important to hold conversations in the applicable rooms.]
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Dawn had found Wilson still in the Clinic working in the lab. He’d started on Ten’s blood work immediately and after some thought had gone ahead and started with Paige’s and any other back log that was waiting as well.

He’d poked his nose into the apartment long enough to kiss House and tell the older doctor that he was going to be working through the night and then he’d gone back to the Clinic. It was rather convenient having the little apartment tucked just off in the back but it also made it harder for Wilson to stay away.

Not that he’d ever been any good at that back in Princeton either.

The oncologist had spent the night running the lab, reading up on the endoscopy procedure he had scheduled for Friday as well as current literature on gastric cancers and occasionally sticking his head in to check on Jack and on Ten. Upon discovering that Chaucer seemed settled in to stay the night Wilson cut back his intrusions to bi-hourly checks so as to disturb the two men as little as possible.

When the sky started to shift from grey to pink –around 6ish-, the oncologist took a break, going back to the apartment for a shower and a change of clothes before walking down to The Perk for coffee. The walk helped wake him up and shake off the cobwebs so that he was smiling and whistling softly as he set about opening up the Clinic for his regular Clinic hours.

Settling down at the front desk, he set a pot of Jamaican Blue Mountain to brew and reached for the telephone. He had calls to make and favors to call in to get the necessary permits and medical equipment here to treat Grissom.

“Good morning, can I talk to…”

Doctor on Duty, ask nicely and he might share the coffee.
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The Clinic was opened, perhaps a little late as someone had been out stalking coffee from The Perk this morning.

That didn't mean he didn't have a pot of Kona brewing quietly behind him as he sat and worked thoughtfully on a clipboard in his lap.

Doctor on Duty

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday, October 15th, 2005 04:16 pm
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Lily is in the clinic, studying her copy of The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 7, in an attempt to both keep up her magic skills and avoid doodling things like "Lily Malfoy" or "Mrs. Draco Malfoy."

[ooc: Lily is gone, feel free to start a new post for the evening.]
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Elizabeth runs into the clinic.

"Hello? Dr House? Lisa?" A bit more hesitantly. "Jack? We've got an injured student in Speech class!"

(no subject)

Monday, October 3rd, 2005 08:08 pm
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*DEATH takes up his post at the clinic, bringing BInky in with him today, for company. He scratches the horse affectionately and then begins to braid condoms into its mane while he passes the time, waiting for patients. For those that cannot see DEATH, there is a cheery sense of dread in the area and a white horse, with condoms appearing in its mane.*


*Binky nuzzles DEATH, looking for treats*


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