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Taking his time coming up from town, Wilson let Cash off his leash to run around the courtyard the way the puppy was used to playing in the morning. Sipping his coffee, he gave the young dog a half an hour before whistling and calling to him. Unlocking the clinic doors, he set about getting the place open for the day.

Cash ran down to the end of the hall and whimpered a couple of times at the door that lead to the apartment but a pause in his activities and a cuddle from the oncologist, coaxed the puppy back up to the front of the clinic. Coffee was started and music was put on, playing quietly at the desk. Rather than picking up his usual crossword puzzle, Wilson tugged out a small rubber ball and sat in the waiting room, tossing it up against the wall for Cash to chase and try to catch.

Doctor and puppy are in! By all means stop by.

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