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Ronan had had an... interesting night the night before that's still being played out, but figured that if nothing else, being in the clinic would be something normal for him.

Also, he was kinda hoping that by the time he got back to the dorms, people would have their memories again.
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Christian was behind the front desk, doing the weekly paperwork. One of the nurses hadn't shown up, though, and when he'd called her, she'd strangely cried "Who am I?" into the phone before hanging up. Well, at least she wasn't having an identity crisis during an island-wide emergency.
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Christian had to dodge several to get to the clinic this morning, and he was very glad the clinic had its protective magics when he saw the size of the teeth on some of them. He made sure the exam rooms were stocked and ready, anticipating many patients arriving today or this evening.

[Eep, sorry up so late -- would you believe I just woke up?]

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