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Monday, January 16th, 2006 08:03 am
[identity profile] gotcanewillpoke.livejournal.com
He'd had a comfortable dinner with Wilson, then retired to the small apartment with Cash. Cash had taken a while to settle down, preferring to run around the apartment and pester House to throw his ball for him. The pair had finally collapsed in the bed, sometime after midnight.

House swung open the clinic doors just after 8 am. He was showered and shaved and breakfasted. Cash had eaten and romped out in the courtyard. It was a rare morning for House, and the clinic was the last place he wanted to be, but there he was. At the desk, sucking on a red lolly while Cash played with the ball at his feet.

Dr is in. Coffee is brewing, Johnny Cash is singing to the waiting room. Come on in. He is still taking blood samples, if anyone is willing to give
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After receiving Susan's message Wilson had made sure Phale was settled with everything he needed, that Phoebe and Bel were comfortable and then he'd taken Cash and headed up to the school.

Cash enjoyed the chance to romp though the puppy did run straight for the apartment door when they reached the clinic, whining softly, hopeful that House would appear.

"Later tonight, Cash. I promise. Come on boy." Whistling softly for the puppy, Wilson headed for the front of the clinic, opening the door and then settling down to work on some paperwork until Susan arrived.

Doctor is unofficial in, if you need him!

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Taking his time coming up from town, Wilson let Cash off his leash to run around the courtyard the way the puppy was used to playing in the morning. Sipping his coffee, he gave the young dog a half an hour before whistling and calling to him. Unlocking the clinic doors, he set about getting the place open for the day.

Cash ran down to the end of the hall and whimpered a couple of times at the door that lead to the apartment but a pause in his activities and a cuddle from the oncologist, coaxed the puppy back up to the front of the clinic. Coffee was started and music was put on, playing quietly at the desk. Rather than picking up his usual crossword puzzle, Wilson tugged out a small rubber ball and sat in the waiting room, tossing it up against the wall for Cash to chase and try to catch.

Doctor and puppy are in! By all means stop by.
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Though he wasn't sure if House had gotten his annoucement out to the school yet, Wilson went ahead and opened up the School Clinic as they'd discussed the night before.

Letting Cash out of the apartment, he reached down and ruffled the puppy's ears. "Did he already leave you on your own little guy? Come on then, let's get the day started."

Opening the front door of the clinic, Wilson gave Cash a quick run through the courtyard to be a good puppy then called him back into the reception area of the clinic, tossing him a new squeak toy that he'd picked up on his way up from town.

He hadn't been back to the clinic since the night he'd left the apartment and though he expected to feel a little strange, he soon found himself settling into his usual routine. Starting coffee, a nice Kona blend today, he straightened up the waiting room and settled down at the desk to do some paperwork.

Wilson was fairly certain that House hadn't thought to update the supplies in awhile and they had talked specifically about Wilson keeping up with the back office work of both clinics. So, settling down with the paperwork and a mug of coffee Wilson got his day started.

Doctor is in, come say hello!

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Sunday, January 8th, 2006 11:54 am
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Saturday had been a good day for him. He hadn't managed to get to the book shop, which was good. He didn't want to see Aziraphale yet. Soon. But not yet.

By noon Sunday morning, he was in the clinic, playing The Beatles instead of Johnny Cash. Cash the puppy was asleep under the desk. The doors were open, coffee brewed in the pot.

The doctor is in. And in a fairly decent mood.

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Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 03:49 pm
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House was whistling a happy tune as he took Cash into the clinic. The dog stained and pulled on his leash, wanting to investegate the new sights and smells. House kept him close to his left side, reinforcing the training suggestions he'd read in the book he'd gotten at Phale's shop. House didn't turn the on-call light off right away, though there was more activity on campus than there had been over the holidays.

After letting Cash explore the entire clinic on the leash, House let him off the tether to see what he'd do. He out on a pot of coffee, for the aroma more than anything, and Johnny Cash in the CD player. He sat at the desk, and watched the dog roam the waiting area and sniff a trail to the lab. When House called, he returned to him, sat at his feet and looked up with bright, eager eyes. House rewarded him with a treat, and picked him up.

He opened the doors, though he didn't expect any patients. Cash was back on the leash, because House wasn't sure how he would react if someone came in.

The Doctor is in. Man and dog are at the desk. Cash is asleep in House's lap, House is working a crossword puzzle. You didn't think he'd be doing work, did you?

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