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Doogie was making rounds through the clinic today, checking on Cameron, checking on the inventory, and making sure the other exam rooms were clean and tidy. It was a good way to stay occupied, he thought.

[omg hi I overslept.]
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Adah had to admit to feeling a little surprised when she limped into the clinic today for her shift. She also have to admit to feeling a little disappointed that the report didn't offer anything that severe or interesting. Most of these symptoms were daily fashion in Africa.

She also also had to admit that she wasn't too sure about that dog being here. It didn't seem to be the most hygienic thing in the world. Then again, though, if she was making African comparisons, she might as well put a lab coat on him and make him one of the nurses, for all it was worth up against the sort of things that might be walking through those clinics.
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Katara had wandered into the clinic still thinking about the conversation she'd had with Zuko, but as soon as she got there and saw the patient there, she was immediately flipped into clinic aide gear.  Trying not to disturb Cameron or the dog too much, she peeked into the room as often as possible to make sure that they were both completely comfortable.
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Christian checked on the new patient, then settled behind the front desk with the latest issue of Maxim.
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Doogie had a big cup of coffee to keep himself extra warm as he settled in for a night at the clinic. Things were nice and quiet with so many students and teachers out of town. Maybe if he was lucky, it would stay that way all night.
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It was cold Wednesday morning, which was part of the excuse Wilson used to tuck his arm through Aziraphale's and walk very closely as they made their way down from the house to the clinic. He was sharing warmth with the angel you see...the angel who still didn't have a heavy winter coat.


So, he was being a concerned and attentive mate. Had nothing to do with...general...closeness and snuggling...really.

Upon getting to the clinic, Wilson moved immediately to get caught up on Cally's file. He frowned as he shrugged out of his coat and read the details of her injuries. The attack to the head was disturbingly familiar. Oh, not that he remembered anything about how he aquired his own injury but just the fact that who ever was making these attacks, seemed to be a big fan of headshots.

Checking in on her in the exam room, Wilson was careful to disturb as little as possible as he updated vitals and the like, then he slipped back out to the front desk. Aziraphale had settled himself in an out of the way corner, the coffee was already started by the angel's hand and Wilson gave his lover a grateful smile as he settled behind the front desk to continue the reading he had started last night.
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Stark hadn't exactly been looking forward to coming into town when the island was overrun by big scary things. But he was supposed to be at the clinic on Sundays and so at the clinic he was. After arriving, he'd flailed more than a little bit at the number of people in the clinic. Flailing under control, he was now ready to deal with things. Hopefully.

[OCD coming up. Poke me if I get something wrong.]
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Alanna was very suprised to find that there were actually people in the clinic. Faithful...decided the TV made a good bed.
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Christian settled in at the front desk, wondering why there was a license plate there. He moved it aside and set up his laptop, surfing a few of his favorite adult sites.

FH Clinic (6/21)

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 02:11 pm
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Susan had the clinic open around noon, and was doing a crossword puzzle, and hoping that the present she got for Lorelai's baby shower was appopriate. It just seemed very *her*, somehow.

FH Clinic (6/05)

Monday, June 5th, 2006 09:37 am
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Susan's back inside the Clinic, although the doors are open to the courtyard. She's expecting a couple people, but she's also working on the displays again, in order to update them for summer.

FH Clinic [3/24]

Friday, March 24th, 2006 03:32 pm
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The Counselor is in-- and no, she did not try to get the Muppet Rats to sing "Give My Regards to Broadway" for her out in the hall. Must've been someone else.
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Tommy came into the clinic for his shift and saw what remained of the chaos from the night before and did not know to thank Lana for doing what she could to help clean up.

"What in the name of caramel crunchy Christ went on here?" Tommy asked, of nobody in particular. "No, wait, don't care."

He went to his desk and hoped nobody was going to bug him today.

[ooc: OCD threads coming up. Amongst other things, this is the post to bring Angel home from FTEC. So if you're in on that, come here. If you want to have visited Angel before he was released, go here to the daytime thread]

FTEC, Friday

Friday, March 10th, 2006 08:27 am
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Alanna came into the clinic, her scowl down to an almost normal level. She glanced around the clinic, trying not to blink too much and put her bag, with Faithful inside, down on a empty chair. Noting that Angel appeared to be asleep and there was nothing that needed her immediate attention, she made herself comftorable behind the desk, a book in hand.
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After a visit to the mainland and getting caught in a traffic jam from HELL, Christian hurridly opened up the clinic and checked up on Angel, who seemed to be doing better than he was last week.

FTEC, Monday

Monday, March 6th, 2006 08:09 am
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Granny was surprised to find the one of the clinic's patients was already dead, but vampires had the same right to medical treatment as anyone. Long as he didn't go 'round biting other patients she wasn't going to complain.

She set up the cauldron on and began brewing a mysterious and fragrant potion that she usually gave to young folks looking for a love potion.

FH Clinic (3/3)

Friday, March 3rd, 2006 04:47 pm
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Susan opened the clinic, and wondered if she should open it next week or not, since so few students would be around. Probably, she is thinking, not.
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Susan, having got back from what was probably going to be her last trip to England in, well, ever, opened up her office and tried to get caught up on old paperwork. Hopefully one of her patients would stop by so they could catch up or re-schedule old appointments.

[here for an hour, then I can slowplay through the evening-- next week back on the regular office schedule!]
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Flipping through the latest issue of Maxim, Christian manned the clinic.

Clinic [2/10]

Friday, February 10th, 2006 11:07 am
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Susan opened up the clinic, hoping Dr. Lambert or one of the other doctors would show, and got ready for her appointment with Cameron.

[open to all]

Clinic Hours [2/7]

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006 01:43 pm
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Susan opened the clinic around noon, and got things ready for Peter's and Marty's appointments. The place seemed very empty now that Dr. House had left; but in memory of her colleague, she put out the lollipop jar, and stocked it with cherry, strawberry, and watermelon lollipops. Just for today.

She did wonder when replacements for Dr. Wilson and Dr. House would be hired.

[ooc: for your clinic needs; slowplay for the next couple hours worth of homework time]

Clinic [1/26]

Thursday, January 26th, 2006 11:17 am
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Susan opened the clinic, checked on a still-sleeping Vala, then went back to the front-desk. She only had one appointment today, but better to be ready than elsewhere.

[ooc: The mun will be back at 5pmEST; feel free to slowplay or set up other threads ]

(no subject)

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006 03:40 pm
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He'd checked on Vala, of course, but he hadn't opened the clinic because he just didn't want to deal with it. The on-call light was on, and he was technically available. If needed. He spent the morning lounging on the couch watching mindless television to pass the time. He hadn't decided if he was going to keep the appointment with Susan Dr Pevensie, but he found himself letting Cash out at quarter to two, and five minutes later he was in the clinic.

He sat at his desk and sighed. Maybe he should bring the plant from Blair back to the clinic. It might cheer the place up, once it started to grow. And Blair had said he should talk to it. He had plenty of time to talk to inanimate objects when he was working clinic.

He opened the top drawer of the desk and pulled out a thick manilla envelope. His medicalfile. Copies of doctor's reports, his current perscriptions, the pages of the notebook Wilson logged his progress and reactions in after he gave up the Vicodin. He sighed again and swiveled in his chair to look at Susan's door. He didn't need her to tell him he was a addict, and he didn't appreciate ehr making assumptions as such. He was an addict, and he knew it. And aside from a couple of teeny timy little slips, he'd been off the Vicodin since November 20. And did those slip ups really count, when he'd puked the pills back up each time? Probably.

The doctor is in, but he has an appointment with Dr Pevensie on the books. The question remains if he will honor the appointment or not. If he does, the on-all light will be on, but I wouldn't recommend interrupting. If he doesn't, the on-call light may remain on because he's feeling somewhat anti social and I wouldn't recommend interrupting hisbrooding. Just fair warning, yo.
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He'd enjoyed the poetry class quite a bit, despite the headache throbbing at the back of his head.

He wasn't planning on reopening the clinic, but he'd left his cell phone on the desk when he'd rushed off to get to the class on time.

He sat down at the desk for some reason unknown to him and started going through the desk drawers, cleaning them out.

The doctor is not officially on duty. but that doen't mean you can't come in.
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The passage of air was LOUD today and Wilson moved very, very carefully in an attempt to keep the air as still as possible. He was late opening the Clinic not because he was late getting *to* the Clinic but because he was moving very slowly…in the hope of keeping the air really quiet.

Getting the doors open, he started a pot of coffee and sucked back the third 20oz bottle of water he’d been drinking since about oh…not too many hours ago. Putting a happy face on, he managed to do rounds without passing out, which was a blessing, checking in on Rory, Logan and Jack before crawling back up to the front desk.

Sitting down, very carefully –DAMN AIR WILL YOU SHUT UP!- Wilson leaned forward till he could cradle his head on his forearms. Seven…liquors….what the hell had he been thinking last night?

That it felt good to laugh a little and not hurt…andohGodI’mnottwentyanymore

Dragging his water bottle down into his lap to snuggle it close, Wilson reached for the half a piece of bagel he’d been trying to choke down for over an hour now. He was about half-way through it. By noon he might be finished with it.

If I live that long…Crowley is going to kill me.

Taking a slow breath, Wilson sat up and reached for a chart. He was being in his charting and really needed to catch up, if the little black squiggly lines would just stay still long enough for him to read them.

Doctor on Duty.
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Jack seems to have learned his lesson. Today he only has a cell-phone, some snacks and a few notebooks with him. He signs in and opens up a bag of Kiwi Gummies. He can't wait until tomorrow his hours are back to normal.
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CoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffeeCoffee...ad nauseum

Yeah, Wilson was usually fairly one track minded in the mornings as he puttered about getting the Clinic open for the day.

Checking in on Parker, iPod my ass he grabbed some crossword puzzles charts and blood results from tests run the evening before and headed for the front of the clinic.

He'd actually moved a coffee pot into the Clinic this morning and had it set up on a printer stand -hey printers do very well on the floor- where it was brewing up some very nice Jamaican Blue Mountain reserve blend.

Setting the charts off to the side for a bit, he picked up the book Professor Dream had lent him yesterday and quickly found the place he'd left off at the night before. Coffee, book...general chaos, what more could an oncologist want out of life?

Doctor on Duty, stay away from the coffee...okay he might share, if you ask nicely.

[ooc: I've got a meeting today in the afternoon so will have to pause around then, just forwarning.]

(no subject)

Monday, October 24th, 2005 07:27 pm
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House is in the lab, running the bloodwork Wilson asked him to do. He's brought a small radio with him, so at least there's music, though it has to sit outside on the reception desk so the air waves don't interfere with the lab equiptment.

He's humming along with whatever classic rock song is playing in the back ground, while he runs the blood. Against his usual pattern, he takes the time to scribble notes on the patient files just to show Wilson up. And to show Wilson how much he appreicates how Wilson has stepped up and taken over, allowing Hosue the luxury of skipping out on clinic duty as much as possible. Which has a lot to do with mun availability, but still

Michael's blood work is a straight forward test, and a good place to start. He lines the others up in no particular order, Hank, Parker, Chloe, and Duce.

Dr House is not on active duty, hopefully one of the assistants is working tonight? But House is in the clinic, so if somene stumbles in and distracts him from the blood work, he might reward them with a red lolly. Probably purple or orange, depends on how grateful/grumpy he is

[OOC: If any of you patients are looking for specific results, PLEASE let me know. I'm not good with the 'find whatever you want' thing. Need specifics, please. Duce the obvious exception, House isn't going to get to her blood work tonight since that's interactive and scheduled for Wednesday]
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Wilson had ended up at the Clinic most all of Sunday and then, not long after he’d fallen asleep next to House, he’d been called in for an emergency endoscopy for Parker.

He’d snatched a few hours of sleep on the couch rather then risking waking House up, gotten up around eight and grabbed a shower and a pot of coffee to help jar himself back awake.

Flipping the lights on, he made a quick sweep of the waiting area to make sure there wasn’t any lingering blood or files from the day before and then headed for the counter. A lean fingered hand lifted up to cover a yawn as Wilson sprawled bonelessly in a chair. He was going to have to do paperwork…and blood work…and check on Maia and check up on Parker.

Mentally listing out his day to himself, the oncologist lifted his hand and rubbed it across his face.

It was going to be a busy day.

Doctor on Duty. Come point and pester at will, it will help him stay awake.

[ooc: And if any assistants would like to come and save the idiot from himself... :D ]
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Wilson had been enjoying a relaxing and relatively lazy day for most of his Saturday. He'd gone for a walk, investigating some of the autumn foliage to be peeped at, gotten himself a coffee at The Perk, that House had highly recommended and eventually come back to vegetate in front of the television.

For awhile, he'd been able to pretend that everything was normal, everything was all right.

But gradually, the demons stirred.

The demons stirred and Wilson felt himself grow restless with the need to escape them. He'd tamped down on the urge through dinner and a refreshing shower had helped a little as well but eventually, he had to admit defeat and retreat.

Telling House he had some work to get done, which was true, Wilson headed for the Clinic. It hadn't been officially opened today but the Emergency On Call light glowed promenantly in case anyone needed them. Megapage was hooked onto his left hip a constant companion once more despite looking a little odd on faded, well worn, barely legal jeans. Flipping on the lights in the lab, the oncologist headed for where all the different blood draws from the week were stored.

He certainly had plenty of work to day. Sure, it was busy work by his standards but it would occupy his mind and help keep the soft whispers of his ex-wife's voice from overwhelming him.

[ooc: Open if anyone wanders by and happens to need to Clinic, they'd see the lights on.]

Clinic Hours

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005 06:58 pm
[identity profile] lisacuddy.livejournal.com
Lisa breaks into House's secret stash and unwraps a red lollipop. She smiles, and puts up...

A New Board Outside the Clinic )

Satisfied, she busts out a Spanish dictionary to study while she mans the clinic. For Languages of Europe, sicko.
sensethevisions: (Warning)
[personal profile] sensethevisions
Phoebe heard sounds start filtering into her brain. She didn't want to wake up just yet. Waking up meant pain and worry and zombies.

Phoebe's eyes opened, only to clench shut again. Okay, light hurt eyes that had been open since some time on Thursday night. She opened her eyes again, this time very slowly. She was thankful to discover that most of the pain in her head had let up. She took a deep breath and did an internal checklist of her condition.

Head no longer felt like someone was squeezing it in a vice. This on its own was a very good thing. Paige must have been right when she said that it must have been tied into her powers. That could become an annoyance.

Her body felt way too weak for her liking and when she attempted to move, pain shot through her shoulder. She was confused until she remembered about the zombie trying to kill her and remove her from where she had been defending the weapons locker with her sisters --- and Jake and Krycek.

Zombies...fucking zombies.

She wondered just how much research Grams had done on this insane asylum before sending her and Piper to die here experience the place. Would anyone have known to contact Grams and Prue if she and Piper had died this weekend?

Phoebe took a deep breath, going over a mental checklist of everything that had happened this weekend and everyone she needed to check on.

Been awake since late Thursday night, not such a good thing. Had a killer migraine that started out on Friday morning anad continued to only get worse throughout the weekend. Piper and Paige refusing to leave her side during the entire time she was guarding the weapons locker. Hank also refusing to leave her side. She remembered Jake and Krycek showing up, and also refusing to leave her and her sisters to face whatever came their way. She remembered the zombies attacking and Piper saving her life by freezing one of them so she could get away before it killed her. She remembered the three of them pummeling the two zombies, and then she remembered boosting Piper up onto the weapons locker when the flooding had occured.

Her forehead wrinkled as she tried to piece together the events after that.

She remembered the six of them up on high things watching zombie soup flow past them and recording everything with the camcorder that Chloe had left behind when she had been helping Phoebe Friday night. She remembered hearing more gunfire and then hearing Jayne's voice as he brought a rescue team for them. She could remember Krycek and Piper telling Jayne that she was hurt...and then passing out and falling down onto Jayne when he was trying to get her down off the locker.

She felt a hand squeeze hers and she slowly turned her head in that direction.

"Hey..." she said softly as the person next to her came into focus. She smiled a genuinely happy smile. "Where am I and how long have you been sitting here with me?" No, somehow it didn't surprise her that she wasn't alone and that he was here.

(no subject)

Saturday, September 24th, 2005 12:57 pm
[identity profile] death-n-binky.livejournal.com
*DEATH, being rather unimpressed with the zombies since, after all, they're just regular people, only dead. Instead of fighting them off, he decides to work a shift at the clinic, figuring it will be a busy day, what with people needing undead related treatment and rescue. While he passes the time, he begins to experiment with makeup in anticipation of the upcoming Homecoming event.*

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