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Wilson was still tired and in all honesty, he expected to be through the holiday weekend. He was physically run into the ground -hey, Fandom might be a relatively small island but you trying running all up and down those hills particularly hauling Angel's muscular ass around- and as for emotionally...

Yeah that was pretty much still touch and go also.

But, the Clinic was open the lights inviting and the smell of a Christmas Blend coffee filled the air. Wilson was working on discharge papers/information for Rory and Logan. He could only imagine that they were more then ready to be sprung though he was uncertain about when exactly that springing was going to happen.

Doctor....well the coffee's made, come by and have a cup if you wish.
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Wilson wore an pensive expression as he moved around the Clinic opening it up for the day. He had quite a few things on his mind and was rolling them back and forth trying to come up on the right side of just how to approach the matters.

He'd checked on Jack, who seemed to maybe be feeling better today, Wilson was going to hope that this wasn't a lead on to another relapse and made a mental note to try to keep the young man quiet for at least another 24 hours.

The scent of coffee, the Jamacian Blue Mountain today, filled the small reception area and as he sat back down behind the desk, Wilson reviewed the To Do list. At least he'd managed to get some of the required rec forms submitted yesterday and could expect a shipment hopefully tomorrow. For the time being, he knew he should work on charts but his mind was a bit too distracted so instead he sat back behind the desk, feet up on the counter, cradling his coffee mug and staring off into space.

Doctor on Duty, come distract him from his ponderings...or weedle coffee out of him, either works.
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Wilson was running a little late opening the Clinic today. The previous night had not been a good one, as if the nightmares that had stayed at bay for the past couple of evenings had rallied for one long punishing attack.

He'd been close to begging House for a Vicodin, he hadn't, though it had been a near thing.

In the cool light of the autumn morning, Wilson had walked down to get his coffee, returning to the Clinic to start a pot of his own and open the place up. Lights were now on and the rich scent of a Sumatra blend was filling the air.

Walking over to the front desk, the oncologist looked down at the message slip that he'd done his best to ignore the prior day. He was going to have to return the call, there was nothing else for it.

Sitting down, he reached for the phone with one hand, while grabbing a chart with the other.

Doctor on Duty, come bleed at him or weedle coffee, whichever tickles your fancy.

Edit: As of about 5:00 FH time, DEATH would have control of the Clinic. So if you come in after then, you get Death! :D *Hugs and loves on Death*.
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Wilson had spent the morning lounging with House, just simply spending time together enjoying really bad early morning game shows and -cough- other morning activities but he was now heading to the Clinic to put some time in.

If you left paperwork for too long, it multiplied at you. Plus the restlessness had returned and Wilson felt the need to escape the shadows that stillness brought close by working.

Whistling softly to himself, he opened the doors and flicked on the lights before setting a pot of Kona to brew. He checked in on Jack but had Archie's chart with him, reviewing it with an eye towards springing the young man. He also had Grissom's chart tucked under his arm and there was a small packet of messages that needed call backs, including one from the mainland.

Wilson was eyeing that last one with suspicion. He had a bad feeling it was a peer of his, calling in a favor. Setting it aside for the time being, the oncologist settled down at the front desk and began to weed through the paperwork in front of him.

Doctor now on Duty, come bleed or otherwise if you wish.

[ooc: Archie!mun, did you want your pup sprung or are we assuming he was already sprung?]
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No matter what shape he or the Clinic was in...the clinic was open.

There would be the smell of freshly brewing coffee, the rustle of paperwork and perhaps even some music from the small radio Wilson had taken to keeping around to keep him company during the day.

Doctor on Duty, come bleed or beg coffee!
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*DEATH walks into the clinic, wearing what appears to be sunglasses despite the dim light and carrying a thermos of coffee which he sips occassionally. He sits at the desk, slouching slightly. The rubber duck is sitting on the desk next to him, impaled in the head with a jack. It quacks morosely periodically. He appears to be, if such were possible, hungover. However, the performance seems slightly theatrical at best. Rather than doing his usual paperwork, he bounces a rubber ball on the desk in what he hopes is an absent-minded fashion*

Assistant is IN. Please bleed here.

((OOC: Mun is bored and suffering from NaNo brain-bleed. Come play, even if you're not broken!))
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Ordinarily, Jonathan only had Counseling on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, but Beka had asked him for a favor and here he was. He wondered when Illyana would be making it in.
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The Poster in the Clinic says Jonathan is holding counseling hours at the clinic )

Jonathan isn't feeling nearly as out of sorts this week as he was last week. It's time to get back to his responsibilities and the clinic was one of them. He's ready and willing to help anyone. With Parent's Weekend having just past and this business with the missing student, Jonathan expects to be busy.

After Paige faints

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005 11:34 am
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Beka help's Paige into the clinic, they go and sit down waiting for someone to look at the gash on Paige's head
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Jack takes his seat behind the counter again for his shift this week. He really hopes it's not as exiting as last time.

(no subject)

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005 07:31 pm
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*DEATH sits behind the desk, waiting for patients to come in. He is trying to look official, with the plague going on, so he's dressed in standard black at the moment.*
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Jack punches in and takes a seat behind the desk. He takes out his homework and hopes it's a slow day.

Sword wounds

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005 09:10 pm
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Beka drags a wounded Callisto into the clinic. "Dr. HOUSE! She's bleeding. Everywhere.'

"Please hurry. I need to go back and get Alanna."

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