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The smell of the Christmas Blend was filling the reception area and Wilson was kicked back in his chair contemplating stringing lights around the whole area...and maybe a tree.

Not that he celebrated the specific Christmas Holiday don't ask how he can know about Phale and Crowley and not, it would just break the poor mun's brain to work that one out but the decorations would make House twitch and might be a fun thing to do. Yeah...maybe even a little tree...

Doctor on Duty, come get coffee, visit Rory and Logan -who should be getting sprung some time today- and if you must, bleed.
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Wilson yawned as he wandered along the corridor from the apartment towards the clinic proper. He had a cup of coffee in his hand and a couple of medical journals in the other.

He poked his nose into House's office, retrieving some files from the corner and carrying them along with his journals towards the front counter.

Investigating the area for any lingering notes, shrugging when he found none the oncologist went to check that the front door was open and the lights in the waiting room were turned on. Heading back to the desk he flopped down into the chair and settled in to read and do paperwork.

Doctor on duty. Pester if you so desire.
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Before he goes to the Perk, Bad Ash walks casually into the clinic, under the guise of Ash's normal Drug Guarding duties.

He wanders into the room with the P.A. System, and inserts a certain CD into the Muzak system.

He then sets it to repeat, and carefully disables the controls. Including the eject button.

Bad Ash walks out, grinning, to the quiet strains of "Little Bunny Foo Foo CLANG Hopping through the forest..."
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::Ash has taken up his spot in the clinic, sitting in a comfy chair just barely out of the way of the supply room door::

::He is sipping his coffee from the Perkolater, and seems to be reading a book::

::That book is The Zombie Survival Guide, by Max Brooks::

Ha! This guy cracks me up...

Guard on Duty

Monday, September 19th, 2005 09:10 am
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::the recently "hired" drug guard, none other than Coach Ash, has arrived at the clinic to start his volunteer work::

::again just addressing in general, not singling anyone out::

"Yo, where's my chair and coffee? The King is in, and he demands his throne and tribute."

::Ash wanders over to position himself to best protect the medical supply closet::

"This is the King's land now. No one goes through here except by royal decree!"

::Pulls out his cellphone, and orders a coffee from The Perkolater::

"Oh, and make sure to bring me some sugar, baby." ::he hangs up::

::wonders if he should've gotten a list from Doc House about which students were actually workers here::

::decides he'll just stop anyone and hopes they issue Work IDs at the clinic::
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::wanders into the clinic, having received a message from Doctor House::

::just generally announcing, not talking to anyone in particular::

Which one of you ninnies can direct me to where Doc House's office is at, huh?

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