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After spending some time up at the school with Phale and the kids in detention, Wilson had headed home for a nap. Rolling out of bed an hour before his shift, he showered and ate a light lunch to hold him over till Phale brought dinner down later in the evening, then packed up his briefcase and headed down to the clinic.

It felt a little strange having to actually walk to the clinic instead of just stumbling down the stairs or stepping out into a hallway but, change was the nature of things.

Waving a one handed hello to the nurse as he settled in behind the counter, Wilson introduced himself and got a quick tour from her to show him where things were, new equipment, quirks of old equipment and what changes had been made. After that, he went back up to the front desk.

A pot of coffee was put on to brew, music was turned on to a jazzy insturmental station and Wilson settled in to the seat with a medical journal and a note pad.
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April 1. Man, if Tommy didn't miss having probies before, he sure as hell missed them now.

He wondered how many patients would show up that he could screw with.

For instance, with the right amount of eye contact and sincerity you could make anybody believe a positive pregnancy test.

Even the guys.


[ooc: Tommy shall be busy with plotty things late into the night, so patients only s'il vous plait. Or other FTEC staff, just be aware Tommy's only going to grunt at you and ignore you.]
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Tommy came into the clinic for his shift and saw what remained of the chaos from the night before and did not know to thank Lana for doing what she could to help clean up.

"What in the name of caramel crunchy Christ went on here?" Tommy asked, of nobody in particular. "No, wait, don't care."

He went to his desk and hoped nobody was going to bug him today.

[ooc: OCD threads coming up. Amongst other things, this is the post to bring Angel home from FTEC. So if you're in on that, come here. If you want to have visited Angel before he was released, go here to the daytime thread]
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The clinic was a mess.

The lobby and hallway were full of crumpled coffee cups and the scent of emo. A few bodies remained huddled against the walls and on benches. Christian quietly checked them and found each person just sleeping, so there hadn't been a coffee Jonestown going on last night.

At least the patient in Exam One seemed much better. Christian examined Angel and found him sleeping peacefully, no fever or chills. So maybe whatever they'd done had worked despite wrecking havoc in the clinic. Careful not to disturb the vampire or the young man passed out in the chair next to him, Christian noted Angel's condition on his chart, then returned to the desk in the lobby, hoping people would wake up soon and clean up this mess.
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Natalie arrived at the clinic as close to six as possible, taking great care to keep to the shadows and out of the direct sunlight. There was a busy air about the clinic; the energy and goodwill generated by Janet's 'Chosen One Blood Drive' still lingered, almost palpable. Nat was sure something else was going to happen -- something had to, to save Angel. She could only sit back and wait. In the meantime, she would check up on Angel and settle in with her laptop.

[Posted early due to LJ's incredibly irresponsible timing. To quote Indy (in that really bad Scottish brogue), "How dare they?" Tags will change after some of the carnage has cleared.

Also -- I'll will be at dinner for a bit, so slowplay is the key until after sunset. ;)]

FTEC, Friday

Friday, March 10th, 2006 08:27 am
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Alanna came into the clinic, her scowl down to an almost normal level. She glanced around the clinic, trying not to blink too much and put her bag, with Faithful inside, down on a empty chair. Noting that Angel appeared to be asleep and there was nothing that needed her immediate attention, she made herself comftorable behind the desk, a book in hand.

FTEC, Thursday Evening

Thursday, March 9th, 2006 04:55 pm
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Trevor was pleased to see that the blood drive was still going strong as he set himself up for his shift. It really was a pleasant surprise to see how people were coming together to help.

[Slowplay is our friend tonight. *g*]
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Exam room 1, one vampire. Exam room 2, evidence of a blood drive. Christian snagged some leftover cookies and juice and settled in his chair, flipping through a report on new innovations in breast implants.

FTEC, Wednesday evening

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006 09:49 pm
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Natalie was late. That wasn't like her but on the other hand what'd you expect from a secret Canadian?

Ah well. Not like Tommy had a huge commute home. He hung out by his desk and read the paper, waiting for her to show up.

[ooc: Tommy and Angel's player isn't going to be around tonight, so putting up this post just to position Angel for the evening. Natalie? When you log on you can check in via your own comment in a reply to this.

Anyone can feel free to mod Tommy grunting and waving you back to see Angel if that's your thing, or grunting, rolling his eyes a little, and going up to his apartment once Natalie gets there.]
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Tommy was up.

Well, 'up' was a very broad definition involving a great deal of coffee, J,GOB donuts, and Tommy being even grumpier than usual, but he was awake and that's what counted.

FTEC, Tuesday Evening

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006 06:31 pm
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Natalie paced before the front desk, Angel's chart beating a steady rhythm against her thigh as she walked, tapping it absently. She filed anxiously at her thumbnail with her teeth and sighed frequently. As horrible as it was to think, things had been easier while Angel was unconscious. She could attend him, research a cure, and not worry about a confrontation. With him conscious, things were a bit different. And she couldn't not attend to a patient. It just wasn't done, especially one in as grave bad shape as he was.

Turning, she returned to the front desk and put the folder back into the rack. It would wait. It shouldn't, but it would have to. Until she knew better what to do.

[Contents of Angel-Natalie conversation NFB.]
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After a visit to the mainland and getting caught in a traffic jam from HELL, Christian hurridly opened up the clinic and checked up on Angel, who seemed to be doing better than he was last week.
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Trevor made his way into the clinic, stopping in the doorway for a moment as he tried to figure out where the pleasing scent was coming from. When he couldn't place it right away, he shook his head and came inside, getting himself set up for the evening.

FTEC, Monday

Monday, March 6th, 2006 08:09 am
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Granny was surprised to find the one of the clinic's patients was already dead, but vampires had the same right to medical treatment as anyone. Long as he didn't go 'round biting other patients she wasn't going to complain.

She set up the cauldron on and began brewing a mysterious and fragrant potion that she usually gave to young folks looking for a love potion.

FTEC, Sunday Night

Sunday, March 5th, 2006 07:25 pm
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Stark's at the clinic Sunday evening. He has a notebook in case he needs something to occupy his time, but first he probably ought to look around and see if anyone has broken anymore TVs or anything this week or if there is still a patient being all comatose in the back.

((Might be slow to respond to things, but I am around should anybody need me.))

FTEC, 3/5

Sunday, March 5th, 2006 07:12 am
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Janet's up and at the clinic early in the morning. She's not particularly awake yet. She wouldn't even mind if you bugged her about non-clinic business, but first she's going to check up on the paperwork and see who's around.

OOC: I have a kidlet on hand, so will be on and offline depending on if he's willing to play in the room with the computer. And now, off I go to update myself on the plottiness that's abounding...
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Tommy came into the clinic for his evening shift. He checked what passed for the charting system and the various beds.

Exam One had a guest. Possibly two if Callisto was still with Angel

"Huh. Ricky Martin's back," he said. He noted the whole fever/injury/blah blah blah that Dr. Lambert and Troy had made note of. Not like Tommy knew from vampires so he assumed whatever the two of them had done was okay.

He also noted that, surprise surprise, the guy needed to drink blood. There was a comment about pig's blood running out in the fridge but Tommy ignored it. There was plenty of human blood around that was ready to go to waste from age. When the time came Tommy figured he could use that.

In the meanwhile he lit a cigarette and settled down to read the paper at his desk.

One of these days he really needed to get the TV fixed.

[ooc: Tommy's on slowplay until around 9pm Eastern. But Angel's coma-boy so anybody who wants to can come visit.]
[ooc: OCD threads a-coming up.]

Notes on Angel that visitors should read. )
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Christian was surprised to actually find a patient in the clinic when he arrived that morning. He was even more surprised when he read the charts.

Vampire? Well, why not?

He checked on the patient in Exam One. Hard to take his vitals when he had no pulse or heartbeat. Angel was unconscious and still running a high fever. Christian inspected the wound in his left shoulder and found it oozing blood and pus from a nasty infection. He cleaned the wound and changed the bandage.

Dr. Lambert's charts indicated a toxic but unknown compound in Angel's blood. The only course of treatment at this point was to feed him fresh blood. There was a dwindling supply of pig's blood in the refrigerator with a note that more would be delivered sometime this morning. Angel moaned and thrashed as Christian forced some of the blood down his throat.

Then there was the blonde passed out in the chair beside the bed. Hot, Christian noted. Very hot. Too bad she was apparently Angel's girlfriend. Maybe she'd need someone to turn to for comfort.

FTEC, Friday Night

Friday, March 3rd, 2006 06:00 pm
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Nat arrived a few minutes early for her shift, making sure to review the charts from earlier in the day. The chances of an earlier patient returning might be slim, but she suspected it was a good idea anyway. That done, she settled in to her desk and booted up the laptop. There were tons of e-mail messages from various sources -- her former co-worker, Grace among them. She would save Grace's for last. With a sigh, she began slogging through the business-related mail first.

[Posted early, as mun will be AFK for a few hours.]
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Wilson was humming.

He was in a fairly rock solid mood and so he was humming as he moved around the clinic, weaving in and out of decorations and considering giving Death a hard time about the fact that Wilson was Jewish. But really, he didn't have it in him and it was the spirit of the holidays that was important.

The Christmas Blend coffee was brewing and classical music warmed the atmosphere in the waiting room.

Doctor is in. Come, bleed...or drink coffee...or both if you like to multitask!
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The Clinic is a little more back to normal today, though Wilson still looked busy as he worked through paperwork and on the computer.

The scent of a fresh Kona blend filled the air of the waiting room along with softer music today. He had Tara's gift for Crowley kept close for when Bel called.

Doctor on Duty, or at least close to his pager.
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Wilson was in the Clinic though he still had the "Emergency On Call" light up just outside the door, he wasn't holding official hours and the doors weren't open.

He was exhausted. Another weekend where sleep was caught only in short bursts while curled up in uncomfortable waiting room chairs. He'd had to laugh, if only to himself, at the irony of the situation. He wasn't used to being on this end of a hospital visit. He wasn't used to sitting, flipping through worn and tired magazines, waiting for one more minute to turn on the clock. He'd been extended the professional courtasy of sitting in on the tests but had declined. He'd called in a lot of favors and the least he could do was step back and trust in these people to do their job.

Also, House deserved the privacy. Though Wilson trusted that his friend would share everything, he wanted House to have the choice of that sharing.

It had been a long weekend.

Back now, Wilson had helped House get comfortable, had sat with the older man for a few hours until he could tell that House needed that bit of space to work through his own thoughts and emotions without even a loving witness. It was a pattern similiar to the one just after the infarcation.

In theory, Wilson was supposed to be working on charts. In reality he was sitting in the desk chair reading through The Pill Book, brushing up on his understanding of all the new drugs House was on. At least a pot of Christmas Blend coffee was brewed and keeping him company.

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