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Maia sat looking around, she was not sure when she would 'see' Tara. I am going to see her, she's going to be here. Maia's heart raced with anticipation, they were going to get her out, Tara and Dr. Wilson to. She would not be alone anymore. Maia hugged her knees to keep warm, her curly hair falling into her eyes. She remembered crying waiting for Diana to come get her from the hospital room when the doctors had left her alone for hours in quarantine. They will send you back to quarantine Maia. You won't get to stay at school The voice was back, Maia clenched her teeth and covered her ears. They won't save you Maia. Tara is going to be trapped here along with you. Maia turned her head away from the voice and hugged herself tighter. You won't see her when she's trapped here, you'll still be alone. Does Tara know that? Does she know you'll never leave here now? Maia shook her head and fought back tears.

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