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Things seemed to have gotten quieter as the week went on, and Martha certainly wasn't going to complain. In fact, she wasn't going to say anything at all, fearing that the whole place would go crazy again and it would be all her fault.

Instead, she was checking on the clinic's last remaining patient, and trying to figure out how she was going to explain the island moving again to UNIT. Random enemies from another universe. That was going to go over so well.
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Yes, Martha was still in the clinic, nursing a cup of coffee and keeping an eye on those who had spent the night. She didn't want to hope that no one else would be hurt today, afraid that she would jinx the whole island into harm's way. She did, however, hope that the supplies held out. Now she understood why her predecessors had kept the place overstocked with bandages.
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Ino was pretty sure that this was going to be a bad day if radio had been anything to go by about how many people had been in and out of the clinic last night.

As such, she didn’t even take out her study materials, but rather busied herself with making sure everything was stocked up and keeping a watchful eye on the door. Ready to help if it was needed.

...she really hoped it wouldn't be needed. Better wasted effort than a lot of patients.
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Ronan frowned at the fact that there were patients in the clinic, frowned a little more at the fact that they were in comas -- but there didn't seem to be anything he could do, so he simply tried to make sure that they were at least comfortable, as much as he could, and moved back out to the front desk.
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Wilson came into the clinic and was informed of the coma patients.

Flipping through their charts, he made a note and told her to let him know if there were any changes.
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The nurses were running the clinic this morning, but they had Dr. Troy's pager number in case of emergency. And while Dr. Howser had noted in the current patient's chart that he did not have the plague, well, they still were being extra careful to wash their hands and wear masks while checking on him. Just to be safe.

[Plz to be modding the nurse; if you need to check in with a doctor, ping me at Chaos of Passion. I may be AFK at times in the afternoon if my alien baby tries to burst out of my stomach.]
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Katara wasn't expecting to see a patient in the clinic so when she got there, she quickly made sure the rest of the exam rooms were stocked up completely before checking in on their patient in room one.
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Wilson was antsy in the clinic tonight. Even Phale's attempt to reassure him down hadn't done much good given what was going down and Wilson paced.

The nurse was sent back to make sure the exam rooms were prepped for about the third time and Wilson went back to his pacing, mostly just hoping that the plans worked.
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Christian had to dodge several to get to the clinic this morning, and he was very glad the clinic had its protective magics when he saw the size of the teeth on some of them. He made sure the exam rooms were stocked and ready, anticipating many patients arriving today or this evening.

[Eep, sorry up so late -- would you believe I just woke up?]
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Christian checked on Zuko and Walter and then settled behind the desk for a hopefully quiet day of downloading porn medical journals.

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