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FTEC, Friday

Atticus didn't get to stop by the clinic as often as he wanted to, but he'd made up a new batch of medicinal teas this week, and the weather was nice enough that he could sit at the desk and have the door open, letting the smell of herbal goodness waft outside. He had a book in his hands as he propped his feet up on the desk, some trashy thing that was going to be a fast and entertaining read. He didn't imagine anyone would need help since things had been quiet on the island, but he also knew better than to assume at this point.


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Claire had been in town just long enough to get herself settled for the time being and then headed to the clinic. In the real world, it was hard to get an apartment without a job, and she had no idea yet that this place was so not the real world, so she figured first things first.

"This is quieter than I'm used to," she said as she stepped inside and noticed there wasn't anyone bleeding anywhere and the waiting room wasn't full.

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"Actually, I was wondering if you need any help," Claire admitted. Hopefully clinic jobs were still a thing with healthy teenagers around. "I just got into town and I'm really looking forward to living somewhere and eating food."

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"I'm good on the tea front," Claire said with a little smile. "I'm an ER nurse. Definitely used to getting slammed with work."

Along with having injured hot guys ending up in her apartment for stitches pretty much constantly. But she couldn't exactly say that.

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"Claire," she said, offering her hand to shake. "Yeah, I just got in today, figured I'd hit the ground running on getting set up. ...Does that mean I got the job?"

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Claire actually had to consider that, given where she was from. "I could do with some relaxing," she decided. "Even if having the world's easiest job interview is seriously unnerving."