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FTEC, Sunday 3/29

Stark arrived earlier than usual today. It had been a busy few days at the clinic and he wanted to be sure he was there in case he was needed.

As with the past few days there was plenty of tea in case anyone would need it. Still no cupcakes, but there were plenty of cookies to go with the plenty of the tea.

The island seemed to be getting back to what passed for normal but the clinic was open for its inhabitants who weren't quite back their usual selves yet.

Re: Patients [Sun]

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Drac still here. Not exactly sure why, but he was.

Okay, actually he was still here because he was moping, which was not helping his healing. But he wasn't going to admit that.

Re: Patients [Sun]

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Were they mealworm? He loved mealworm cookies!

"Thank you," Drac's smile was weak. "I am afraid I don't know anymore."

Re: Patients [Sun]

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"Cookies?" Drac perked up just a little. "Homemade?"

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Drac took one and looked at it carefully. "Just chocolate? No beetles?" But he was not one to be intentionally rude, so Drac tasted the treat.

"Ah. This is quite good!"

And quite gone; might he have another?

Re: Patients [Sun]

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"While not my favourite, beetle cookies are very tasty! My wife would make them with fresh..." His face fell, remembering Martha was gone AGAIN.

A mere moment later, though, he was grinning gently and reaching for another cookie. "Thank you I would love another. You bake very well."

Re: Patients [Sun]

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"She had a family recipe," Drac nodded, the memory causing a small ache that felt similar to those he'd experienced the first few decades after her death. He was mourning again? "We... used to argue which was better, mealworm raisin or chocolate chip beetle."

"Not real arguments, mind you. Just... teasing." He and Martha hadn't really argued very often.

Re: Patients [Sun]

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You say 'laced' like they don't actually belong!

"I have always been a mealworm cookie fan," Drac chuckled. "Martha used to say I was being old fashioned. I would tell her... "

He let a ghost of a smile cross his face. "I used to say back to her, that she didn't like them because she couldn't bake them properly."