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Stark ([personal profile] stykera) wrote in [community profile] fandom_clinic2014-12-07 06:12 pm

FTEC, Sunday 12/7

Today's cupcakes were extra sweet on account of the powdered sugar falling from the sky. The employees at JGoB had put all the sweet baked goods outside for a dusting.

Stark was also lightly coated with sugar when he arrived. Sugar was fine. He didn't mind sugar. It was far preferable to ghosts, after all.

He did, however, mind the sweater he'd woken up in this morning. It wasn't uncomfortable but it had blinking lights and that was just a bit too much. None of the nurses had blinking sweaters although theirs weren't much better.

The alien was in, probably tasted great, and was ready to assist with your medical needs. He was also ready to commiserate about sweaters. Or talk about ghosts. Or offer a cupcake. The alien was here to help.

[open, ocd-free, as always]